Frequently Asked Questions

What is SkirtBox by Vik?

SkirtBox by Vik is a subscription based product created by Vik VarWoo.  SkirtBox by Vik is a discovery box, which means that what's inside each box is a surprise to the subscriber. It caters to women who love wearing bold, funky print skirts & graphic tees with witty, inspirational & fun phrases. 

Oh, & one more's not a box. LOL! I subscribe to a box that I absolutely adore. The boxes are super cute & each month there is a different picture on it. But...they're so cute I don't want to throw them away. So, I have a pile of really cute boxes just lying around taking up space. I didn't want that to be an issue with SkirtBox by Vik. So instead of wasting money on a box, I thought it would make more sense to put that money into something my Unicorn Squad could actually use. So in your pretty unicorn colored bubble mailer, you'll also receive a very practical skirt hanger to hang up your pretty skirt. Pretty dope, right? 

How does it work?

Sign up for a monthly subscription and every month, a beautifully hand-crafted skirt will be delivered to your home.

How are the boxes priced?

Here's the great thing...SkirtBox by Vik costs about 20% less than skirts & tees on my regular website. I do this as my way of showing my appreciation for the commitment you make by subscribing each month.  

Do I get to choose my fabric?

For the most part, subscription boxes are discovery boxes, which means it's a surprise. So to answer your question, no, you won't be able to choose your fabric but I hope that you like the chosen fabrics. I hand pick each one of them.  

I don't like my skirt. May I get a refund or exchange?

As much as I'd like to get it right for everyone, I don't always. Every skirt & t-shirt is handcrafted. As such, I am unable to offer refunds or exchanges. You may cancel your subscription, but I hope you won't. Also, there are no refunds on pre-paid boxes. 

When will my box ship?

Plans automatically renew on the 1st of the month & boxes start to ship AROUND the 22nd of the month with the  last batch being postmarked no later than the last calendar day of the month.

Are you ready to subscribe to SkirtBox by Vik?

Click the link below to join my Unicorn Squad!